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The most common question in our work is "Are there any guarantees ?"

Customer need to know, car can have malfunctions with a remap and without it.

Keep in mind that your car is going to be loaded as much as you want and as hard as you press the throttle pedal.

When we do remap, we always keep in mind SAFE, SAFE and SAFE!

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage, since we haven't made the car, nor we serviced it, nor we drive it.

Under the term "chip tuning" or "remapping", we mean on software changes or software engineering.

The term chip tuning dates from a period before 2000, when it was necessary to replace the existing memory AKA chip so it would be possible to make any kind of tuning.

Today, it is more simple and faster to do without any mechanical changes on the engine control unit, and therefore the term remap or remapping.

Remaps can be done on engine control units, as well as new transmission units , starting from DSG and so on.

Units can be interacted on many ways (bench, bdm, jtag, OBD etc.) to make the desired software changes.

Our company contains original and licensed tools and softwares for work on your car! STAY TUNED!